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This was a multi generational session. We shot in Penngrove by the train tracks & found a beautifully colored tree to celebrate the Fall season. There is a lot on those grounds including the tracks, a white gazebo, some super large tires & a nice lengthy path. The Grandfather of the family is 90 years young. He was so kind, up for any pose I asked. I didn’t realize his age until after I requested the kneeing pose (then i took the request back) but he was happy to accommodate. The three kids/grand kids of the family are so well mannered! I’ve enjoyed being around them for the past few years for Christmas sessions & always on Sundays at church. They are not just polite in word but in action. I love the bond that these parents have with their kids! You can really see the heart connection that should take place in all parent/kid relationships. It’s always a pleasure to create memories for them.

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Combo Birthday

Last weekend we hosted a combo princess birthday party for our two girls. Grandma & Grandpa came as well as our two cousins. We had a short friend list but with all their parents the party started to grow! Luckily a friend offered us their jump house which fit perfectly in our back yard. The kids had a great time jumping in their princess dresses. Our 3 & 4 year old had never seen so many presents 🙂 They even received an electric toothbrush from one another which has been a favorite. So easy to please at this age, glorious! My favorite part in celebrating them was watching them blow out the candles of their cakes. I was able to make two awesome cakes, one castle cake & one princess cake. The tutorials of these cakes can be found on YouTube by searching for “castle cake” &/or “princess cake”. There is an ehow video step by step! Both cakes together took 4 boxed cakes & 7 frostings!! The girls loved them.

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Cheney Twins

They are here! The long anticipated wait is over! I had the pleasure of photographing the Cheney twins earlier this month just two weeks after their birth in late November. God’s blessing was one boy & one girl, and they sure are cute. I was able to hold each of them throughout the session as well as after, even feeding baby girl Cheney her bottle, ahhh! No, no baby bug was satisfied over here but it sure was nice to hold someone else new born 🙂 It’ll be fun watching these two grow up along with their 2 1/2 yr old big brother.

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Well, starting a Blog will sure bring out the craftiness in you! Justin’s been thinking of getting a wreath for our hall archway & since they are $15 at Costco & $25 at Target, I figured I’d make my own 🙂 We luckily have some Christmas looking trees in our yard that needed a trim anyway. I found a plain branchy wreath in my garage, added some candy canes & ornaments, a little ribbon & wa-la! I’d say it looks rather nice for free.

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Where to begin….

Let’s start with friends! The Kelly Family. We’ve mirrored these old & dear friend’s lives since we where married. They researched a ton of local wedding venues back in 2003 (we chose the same venue), the bought a condo in Rohnert Park (we bought in the same complex), they got a dog (we got a dog), they had two kids (we had two kids). It’s always nice to have those kind of people in your life, you know-the ones that you trust to make the right decisions but you also know won’t be offended if you wait to see how it works out for them 1st before you try it 🙂 Anyway, we love them & treasure their wonderful family & friendship.