Combo Birthday

Last weekend we hosted a combo princess birthday party for our two girls. Grandma & Grandpa came as well as our two cousins. We had a short friend list but with all their parents the party started to grow! Luckily a friend offered us their jump house which fit perfectly in our back yard. The kids had a great time jumping in their princess dresses. Our 3 & 4 year old had never seen so many presents 🙂 They even received an electric toothbrush from one another which has been a favorite. So easy to please at this age, glorious! My favorite part in celebrating them was watching them blow out the candles of their cakes. I was able to make two awesome cakes, one castle cake & one princess cake. The tutorials of these cakes can be found on YouTube by searching for “castle cake” &/or “princess cake”. There is an ehow video step by step! Both cakes together took 4 boxed cakes & 7 frostings!! The girls loved them.

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