Post 5

This was a multi generational session. We shot in Penngrove by the train tracks & found a beautifully colored tree to celebrate the Fall season. There is a lot on those grounds including the tracks, a white gazebo, some super large tires & a nice lengthy path. The Grandfather of the family is 90 years young. He was so kind, up for any pose I asked. I didn’t realize his age until after I requested the kneeing pose (then i took the request back) but he was happy to accommodate. The three kids/grand kids of the family are so well mannered! I’ve enjoyed being around them for the past few years for Christmas sessions & always on Sundays at church. They are not just polite in word but in action. I love the bond that these parents have with their kids! You can really see the heart connection that should take place in all parent/kid relationships. It’s always a pleasure to create memories for them.

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One thought on “Post 5

  1. Let me brag on the blog a little bit. I love the look. I love the format. I love the pics, and I love the Wreath from your second post. If you haven’t seen the cakes from the combo birthday post, do check it out. Very impressive.

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