Chalkboard Door

I’ve always wanted to try out chalkboard paint! Since our kitchen will eventually get its makeover with a black stencil I thought the kids would enjoy a black door that could be played with 🙂 They love it!

Quick steps:

This project took 15 minutes to paint but 4 hrs had to pass before the 2nd coat could be applied (which took another 15 min.)

1. Clean the door

2. Tape it off with painters tape

3. Edge door in with a brush, then use a small roller to paint door fully (I used Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint from Home Depot $10 (Lowe’s was $14.95))

4. Wait 4 hrs, then repeat step #3

5. Wait 3 days before using chalk on it 😦   (worth the wait!)

BTW, store bought erasers haven’t worked very well in cleaning the door of chalk. I’ve found that a regular wet kitchen sponge will bring the area back to a great matte black color (dry with paper towel)

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