Coffee Filter Wreath

My sister asked me over the other day to try out this new project for a wedding shower she is throwing. After seeing the final turnout I decided to make two of my own at home. Thanks sis for the inspiration! Here is what you will need:

A pack of coffee filters. I bought 1-160 pack at the dollar store (used all 160 filters with 10 left for two wreaths)

One foam circle (also from the dollar store). Mine was super thick so I cut it in two with a bread knife giving me two wreaths. Can’t beat $.50 each!

Glue gun

Thick marker or sunscreen stick in my case to form the filters around

Ribbon to hang wreath with

Patience-project probably takes about an hour per wreath

The fastest way to start this project is to separate the filters & lay them out on your table or large space. Then one by on squish them around the stick to create the desired shape. Once I did 30 or so of these I started gluing them to the inside rim of the foam circle. I squeezed a nice line of glue down then placed three squished filters in a row. I had to hold them in place for a second since the foam takes a minute to contact with the filters. Careful, the glue can come through the thin filter & burn you. Continue placing filters down until all green is covered. The closer you place them together the fuller the wreath will look. If you feel the wreath isn’t full enough, no problem, just dab a small amount of hot glue on the end of a squished filter & fill in the few empty spots. All should be dry within a minute so attach the ribbon & hang!

I will admit with both on the wall they look a bit frilly so you may need a cool husband like mine to get away with hanging these ones 🙂

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