Fairy Houses

So…it’s been a really, really long time…I’m not sure if I have any ‘followers’ on this ‘blog’ but if I do…I can’t say with any certainty if today’s post will be followed by another or not 🙂

I truly started this site 5 years ago to just archive the DIY projects we were doing around our house. I figured that one day when my kids are older they might enjoy looking back on the things we accomplished together while making our house a home.

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This project was done a while back and isn’t a large projects but still a fun one to post for you (my girls) to share with you what we made for our garden. We started with a few pie tins and filled them with soil. A hot glue gun and random beads made your colorful walkways. I love how both of your personalities came out in creating your individual fairy houses. Regan, your rainbow colors and the word ‘read’ drawn on the top of your house will definitely attract a bookworm fairy! Lexie, your sunshine yellow house with swirls will for sure bringing along a dancing fairy! You each made your own popsicle stick house and cut a small foam ball into a chair shape that we covered in fabric. Everyone needs a reading chair! I love the real plant we left for the fairies that grew a bit as the season drew on.

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