Hi! I’m Jessica – and I’m a princess.  Humm…sound funny to start the ‘about me’ like that…but it’s true! My Father is a King. He’s the greatest King that has ever been! King above all kings, wiser, stronger & more powerful than any ruler of this earth. And I am His child. A child of God. I’m actually not the only one-He has many children. You may be a princess (or prince) too! Part of His royal family! Maybe you haven’t thought about it till now. But that’s the core of it, the bottom line. Boil me down to the bones, even deeper, and that’s what’s marked on my soul…being His kid. What an honor.
We all have interesting things that make us up: what we do with our free time, where we work, who we call family & friends..but none of that really makes me ME. I’m seen by my creator as His child, simple as that. I don’t have to DO anything extraordinary to be loved by Him. I don’t have to measure up to any set standard to be accepted by Him. I don’t even have to say the right things or have the right responses to be enjoyed by Him. I just need to live as His child, being who He made me to be. I’m thirty & I still don’t fully know what that looks like…being me. I do know that I’m loved by the King, tremendously loved.  He has called me to kindness, to be an encouragement, to be a cycle breaker in my family & to trust Him in everything.

I love to see things be redeemed! A lot of the DIY projects I spend time on involve up-cycling. I enjoy seeing something old, forgotten or thrown to the side being given new life –  everyday materials can be re-purposed into things of beauty. I take pride in the home God has given us & find joy in seeing it continue to transform throughout the years.

I’m very blessed to have my super smart & talented husband Justin (justinbartlow.com) as my perfect match on this journey of life as well as two amazing joys that came just 13 months apart, Regan & Lexie. These three gifts are the best on earth.

I hope you find inspiration here as others have inspired me.


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