Love me some chevron!

I’m a total sucker when I see a garage sale sign! I wasn’t even looking for anything specific the day I passed the sign that lead me to this dresser. But really…it was $5! And I knew I could find a place for it somewhere.

I knew I was going to paint it but spent a fair amount of time going through images on-line looking for ideas to make an impression with this piece. It was fortunately already painted white but needed a touch up for sure. I gave it a quick sanding then used some outdoor white paint from our garage. No real reason for the outdoor paint type except for that’s what we had.

Then the drawers came out & my wonderful hubby started measuring. This was definitely the hardest part! We (well he :)) measured out the length of each drawer then divided it into equal amounts to get the thick equal stripes. We debated on whether to start one stripe angle at the third drawer bottom of the piece & continue it up without interruption to the top of the first drawer, then back down again in the “v” shape. This would have eliminated the three different chevron directions & minimized the amount of lines to paint. This proved to be too tricky as there is a slightly indented area in the middle of each drawer. ANYWAY…I love the pattern that we ended up going with. With the white we already had & this lovely gray color that was an oops paint from Lowe’s (1/2 pint size for only $1.25!!!) it all came together. The gray color is called Gray Flannel & had a satin finish.

My one caution when taping down a project like this is to make sure the painters tape gets pushed down extra well so no paint seeps under onto your 1st color. From close up you can see a bit of seepage & I may be going back over the gray lines with a little white paint & a tiny brush just to crisp up the lines.

Don’t forget to add new hardware, this makes a big difference. With such a busy chevron pattern already we just used these simple silver finished handles to keep it uncluttered. These  were on clearance when Yard Bird’s went out of business so long ago. If I remember right, they were like 4 for a dollar. They’ve just been in our garage waiting.

Pillows, picture frames, rugs…most everything looks great in chevron 🙂

Total cost for the dresser, paint & hardware…under $10. Success.

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One thought on “Love me some chevron!

  1. I love it! You have a great way of taking pictures at just the right steps, and your directions are clear, so I can picture it in my head. Fun to read through!

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