Mini Decortive Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas!! Our house has been changing each week that Christmas draws nearer & I wanted to share this most recent craft with you. I will admit that these pictures are not the best but I am very much enjoying these in our home & a cake stand seems to be just the place for them!

Here is the quick run down…1st cut apart cereal boxes to make your own cones from if you don’t want to buy them. This is much easier with regular sized cereal boxes, I found that the Costco sized ones were too thick to mold just right. Use a hot glue gun to hold cardboard in place.

2nd start cluing whatever materials you’d like to your “trees”. Pearls, feathers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, paper/sheet music, fabric or burlap would all look nice. Next year I may try & get the kids involved with some colorful tinsel, button or tissue paper trees that we can put in their rooms.

The green pipe cleaner took much longer than I expected! This small “tree” used up 3 shy of a whole pack! This is the one that takes a bit of patience.

I saw this craft on Pinterest & traced it back to she has a great tutorial there & her blog is beautiful. I didn’t spend as much time as she did on this craft, I really just wanted to get a taste of making these cute trees. Shauna made about 12 of these including an acorn one which is great & she took some pretty pictures of them!  Her post can be found here:

I hope you try them out for your home 🙂

Best, Jessica






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